May 27

Construction Sales And Marketing Training

How important is construction sales and marketing training? Before launching any new product construction, it is essential to conduct construction market research on the sale.

Construction Sales And Marketing Training

Here are a few facts to consider before launching a constructions sale:

  • The competitive environment
  • The market potential and size of opportunity
  • The trends and forecasts of the target market
  • Entry barriers such as performance standards and regulatory requirements

What are some of the benefits of conducting a pre-launch feasibility research?

  • Researching on construction sales and markets helps avoid unnecessary expense and risks
  • It allows one to base the product, price, place and promotional decisions based on the intelligence of the real construction market.
  • The foundation stone of any product launch is conducting a market research.

Some techniques of conducting the pre-launch feasibility

Here are a few techniques that can be used in the research process:

Conducting a desk research

Conducting a desk research calls for a proper understanding of the construction market. It is also important to have the necessary resources and experience needed to conduct the research. For individuals and organizations that may lack the knowledge and resources to undertake the research, they can seek the help of professionals. One way of understanding the market is by reading through construction industry and economic reports and commentaries and later presenting them in a manner that can be understood by your target audience in the construction market.

Anecdotal evidence

One way of building an analysis that can be trusted is getting information from your customers and the sales team. It provides a good basis for building an analysis that can help steer the objective research.

Qualitative research using telephone interviews

Telephone interviews are a great way of getting data and information in construction market research. Interviewing target customers and industry experts is an ideal way of getting the evidence needed to launch the product.

Why use telephone interviews in the first place? They are cost effective, most reliable and effective way of doing research. In case there are complex issues that need to be addressed, face to face meeting can be organized.

Telephone interviewing makes reporting factual. Also, the respondents can offer various helpful recommendations.

According to experts on this issue, the following aspects need to be considered:

  • Creating a picture of potential barriers, competitive environment and substantiate the desk research conducted earlier.
  • Have a clear decision-making strategy for your product launch. For instance, how will the different players interrelate, the influencers and the roles they will play and the key drivers when it comes to product selection among others.
  • Provision of evidence on the formulation of sales strategies to identify the best route-to-market for the product. Information on handling and delivery requirements, stocking policies and service expectations should be looked into.

Why seek the services of experts

They have been in business for long. They understand the market operations
Their team has experts from all departments thereby making the process easy and flawless
At the end of the exercise, they publish reports and findings for you
If the research requires training or strategy development, the expertise is available and at an affordable fee.