Jul 02

Conference Room Touch Screen Improves Communications

conference room touch screen

Entrepreneurs are sparing no expense to equip their conference rooms with the latest and best equipments. After all it is a place where crucial business decisions and strategies are made. The quest for the latest technologies almost always leads to the installation of a conference room touch screen. Interactive screens are not only very popular, they significantly improve communications to enable better discussions which lead to better business decisions.

The Many Uses Of A Conference Room Touch Screen

Most people have the correct idea that a touch screen in the conference room replaces a passive display-only monitor and a flat panel TV. That is indeed true, but a touch screen really does more than that.

When a touch screen is used to replace a TV monitor, the need for many types of multimedia equipment is reduced. For one, you would no longer need a projector – the touch screen can play video and slide presentations directly from computers, laptops and smart devices. If you will no longer use a projector, it follows that you would not need to set up a projection screen anymore. Projectors and screens take a lot of time to set up anyway. The VCR, if you still have one, and the DVD player can also be disposed of. It is much easier to play video or slide shows using computers and usb thumb drives.

Another piece of equipment that a touch screen can replace is the traditional whiteboard. With the use to touch screens you can also write directly on the screen as you would on a real whiteboard. However you will enjoy the added convenience of easily saving and printing whatever is on the screen. Better yet, you can easily access and display other bits of information stored in your network simply by using touches and gestures.

When touch screens are used in presentations instead of the old passive display-only screens, the presenter will not have coordination issues. This is because it is the presenter himself who advances slides using deft touches and gestures. Whatever data or images are required to reinforce the presentation can be accessed from the computer or the company’s own network. Any feedback from any of the participants can be instantly included and saved. This article reports on the availability of large 55” and 84” touch screens specially designed for conference rooms.

But it is when interactive touch screens are used for video conferences that you will realize how much it helps improve communications. The participants can see and talk to each other as if they are on the same room. Whoever is in control of the screen can import data for discussion from anywhere – even from an affiliate office on the other side of the globe. The important aspects of the discussion can be input directly on the screen so there is little need to take notes anymore; and everything can be saved, printed and shared with all participants wherever they may be.

A small interactive screen can even be used outside a conference room for efficient scheduling of this valuable real estate.