Apr 22

Collins Barrow approaches a managed IT company in Toronto

With the huge figures of growth that it has been experiencing ever since we started the double digit phase of the second millennium, Collins Barrow has decided to approach a managed IT company Toronto knows too well for matching growth and excellent results. Reports from inside the company have alluded to the move by the giant tax advisory and audit firm to be aimed at them finding better options to manage their data centers and other IT areas for scalability and just plain old operability.

Managed IT company

Paying for the services, which they are going to outsource from Centrilogic, is not a cause for concern as their company has seen over 200% growth in just 5 years. This rapid expansion is expected to continue over another five years, which had the company looking at their options to manage their IT infrastructure in ways that won’t limit the growth anywhere along the extrapolated timeline. Growth has been a consistent theme across the vast majority of companies that are turning to technology partners for more allowing solutions. This was resonated by the company’s chief operations officer, Rhonda Klosler, who also added that the company viewed technology as a valuable partner capable of making deliverable more pleasing to clients and maintaining stability even as a company grows.

Stability requirements and the IT services companies Toronto like Teskostudio  contracting of Centrilogic for the next 39 months makes sense given the managed IT services provider’s track record. Among the services they will get, datacenter management, co-location, managed security and backup facilities linked to their points of data creation through very efficient dedicated links, they are set to shake things up in their current setup.

Collins Barrow has it’s own capable hands to deal with IT issues, as they have been in the past, but with past natural circumstances having caused erratic downtimes, their move will wipe out any chances that performance will be hindered by services availability. A recorded flood two years ago had resulted in their building’s persistent power cuts, which are not the perfect settings for business. A single outage can last as long as a full working day, and creep into the next, making the losses mount with each happening.

Because centrilogic understood where Collins Barrow are scheduled to go having lived through a similar business phase, the COO, Klosler, felt that their submitted proposal to the invitation to tender was insync with their company’s logic. The competitiveness and reputation that both companies are known for go a long way in guaranteeing their compatibility, but the human element of wanting to slant forward every time motion is needed is what won them the tender; entrepreneurship.

Total handover of IT operations was not the case in contract this time, but successful migration of security functions such as malware protection to networks and devices has been proving the partnership worth many whiles. Collins Barrow used the popular Office 365 range of applications and in the near future will be seen outsourcing support from Centrilogic.

In the meanwhile, pressure has been lifted from their IT teams and the company is performing towards expected targets smoothly.